Best Day For a Wedding: Why a Wednesday and Thursday are the new Friday and Saturday!

Best Day For a Wedding: Why a Friday or Sunday wedding is better!When searching for the perfect venue, it is possible that the date you were hoping for is taken. So what is plan B? Change the week or the month? Some popular venues are booked on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for years, especially now. So then what? A Wednesday or Thursday wedding could be the perfect solution and here’s why:

You Save Money…

On your venue rental: You get the same venue and usually pay less! Venues are often priced based on days of the week and occasionally times of the year. Choosing a Wednesday or Thursday wedding will save you money on your venue rental. On your Beverage/Bar Catering: Saturday weddings are typically 6 hours long.  When you plan a Wednesday or Thursday wedding, it is easier to get away with a 4 or 5 hour timeframe which will save you money on labor costs for all vendors across the board! Shorter events will also save on your beverage package as those are typically based not only on number of guests and type of package, but number of hours the bar will be open.  Shorter Wedding = lower beverage costs. A Wednesday or Thursday wedding will naturally trim the guests that were on the fence about attending. Your close friends and family that you want to attend your wedding will make it work and you will save money due to reduced guest attendance. On your vendor selections: Vendors are typically easier to secure which means you are more likely to get who you want. 

A Wednesday or Thursday wedding creates time for other fun activities

“Wedding Weekend” activities

When you plan a wedding on a Wednesday or Thursday, your guests have a day or two to recover and can enjoy the rest of the weekend discovering and taking part in the locale. If your wedding is on the weekend, they will not be able to do much other than getting ready for the rehearsal dinner and then the ceremony the next day.

Your out-of-town guests have more time to visit & explore!

When you live in a city like Chicago and have a wedding in the middle of the weekend, your visiting guests won’t have much time to relax and explore the city. If you plan a Wednesday or Thursday wedding, your friends and family from out-of-town would likely travel the evening before or the morning of the wedding. They then have the weekend to enjoy the city and relax then travel home.

Outside-the-box Wedding

Wednesday or Thursday weddings are the perfect opportunity to show your guests your unique personality with a fun and unconventional approach. For instance, your weddings could be a surprise Wedding – where your guests thought they were coming to your engagement party only to be surprised and excited that it’s the actual wedding!