V.I.P. Services, Inc.

VIP Valet | VenueLogic Chicago

The ability to communicate effectively, to present a professional appearance, to maintain a quality uniformed image, and to demonstrate proficiency in caring for the customer’s automobile develops a confidence in both V.I.P. Valet Services, Inc. and ultimately in your fine establishment. While attending the automobile door, our final thank you to your customer solidifies the pleasant aftertaste of their dining … Read More

Windy City Limousine & Bus

Windy City Limousine

Windy City Limousine is a premier transportation company providing worldwide services. Based in Chicago, our team understands the stresses associated with meetings and special events, and have extensive experience handling anywhere from a single passenger up to thousands. Our dedicated Groups and Events Department specialize in manifest management and event logistics. With a large, diverse fleet of vehicles, we can … Read More

Chicago Helicopter Experience

Helicopter Experience

Chicago Helicopter Experience, our name is what we do. We’re here to rock your perspective on the city of Chicago and change your perceptions about the experience of helicopter travel. helicopter Travel? Yeah, helicopter travel. Take an epic helicopter tour with unparalleled views of the iconic Chicago skyline, a helicopter Charter to cut time to your next meeting, or entertain … Read More

Aries Charter Transportation

Aries Charter Transportation

With our diverse fleet of mini-buses, motor coaches, and transit buses, Aries Charter can provide you with transport for all your special event or meeting related activities

Chicago Electric Boat Company

Chicago Electric Boat

Chicago Electric Boat Company has forged its identity as a premier Chicago-experience provider by placing the reigns of the experience back in the hands of the customer. This customer-centric approach, amplified by a superior quality product, has laid the foundation for a thoroughly enjoyable experience to emerge. From the comfort of your own premium luxury brand electric boat, you are … Read More