David Rothstein Music

David Rothstein Music

We are an award-winning music production company that can provide clients with a wide variety of ensembles for weddings, corporate events and private parties. DRM goes above and beyond to make clients remarkable and authentic to the specific needs of each client. We will give them Free Emcee, DJ, unlimited song requests and incredible personal touches. The company was established … Read More

High Society Orchestra


Contact Name: HSO Email: info@highsocietyorch.com Phone: 312.228.0537 Website: http://www.highsocietyorch.com/

Bill Pollack Music

bill pollack music

A culturally diverse pool of real musicians and world percussionists. Variations on a theme that can stir the insoles of movers and shakers. An upbeat sense of style and humor than can unchain even the most buttoned-down crowd. Jazz or jump swing. Reggae or rock. Soul or Samba. Torch singers or Spanish guitarists. Bill Pollack Music knows how to pull strings. … Read More


Gussied band logo

If you’re on the hunt for a live band that is fun, friendly and delightfully different then look no further. We are a cover band for music fans. We’re music geeks who’ve absorbed the sounds of bluegrass, rock n’ roll and timeless classics. We have a penchant for music you would imagine hearing in a smoky saloon or cocktail bar, … Read More

Chicago Live Music

Chicago Live Music is an alliance of Chicago Bands, DJs and Musicians, including Chicago wedding bands, independent artists, Chicago blues bands, and more for special events, clubs and concerts. For over 10 years, the founders of Chicago Live Music, have been producing and booking entertainment for Chicago weddings, special events, clubs, concerts, film and TV. They do the work to see each … Read More