Kina Wicks Photography

My name is Kina and I’m a Chicago wedding photographer. In my mind, wedding photos
aren’t meant to be blown up as a huge canvas on the wall. When I imagine my photos living in
my clients’ houses, I imagine well loved 5×7’s on bedside tables, pianos and living room
shelves. I hope that when you get your wedding photos, it’s a bit like reliving a beautiful
movie. Because life is a movie. And I hope you get to see it the way we all saw it, you two,
and the love of your family, the joy of your friends. Top that off with a few portraits of you
guys at arguably your finest; I hope that equals photos you love and can live with forever.
Beauty to me is the perfectly imperfect. Life and love are both that way. I love to capture the
beauty of what’s real.

Contact Name: Kina Wicks
Phone: 312-614-9014