Upgrades at the Sculpture Garden Gallery

Chandeliers  |  Heaters  |  Garden Enclosure / Archway Seal  |  Drapes  |  Artwork  |  Pergola  |  Topiary  |  Forklift 

Sculpture Garden Gallery

Upgrades at the Sculpture Garden Gallery

The Scupture Garden Gallery underwent a rennovation to enhance and extend the outdoor experience into the cooler months adding versatility to the space. With famed outdoor sculptures and Bridgeport Art Center’s upgrades, the Sculpture Garden Gallery is a sought after venue!
 Just imagine starting your cocktail reception in the Garden in any season then strolling into the Gallery for even more fun! What could be better and a more memorable experience for you and your guests! 


Inspired by Foucault’s gyroscope, the double-gimbal frame encircles the upraised lights and crystal teardrops creating a stunning illumination from within.


Heaters beautifully designed Ferrara Flame heaters from Italy radiate warmth while creating a luxurious atmosphere for you and your guests to relax and enjoy the special event.

Drapes & Archway Seals
To extend the outdoor season, we have made it warm and comfortable in the Sculpture Garden by sealing the archways and adding drapery. And with the addition of the Italian designed flame heaters, it makes a warm and cozy atmosphere (drapes additional $750).

A beautiful addition to the Sculpture Garden Gallery. The pergola can be dressed up for any season with floral, ribbons, curtains or as is. How will you be inspired?


6 ft. tall conical boxwood topiaries flank the garden archways like green sentries on duty for your event.


Our sculptures of national and international acclaim are situated throughout the garden. Some are permanent installations while other sculptures visit the garden on tour. So anytime you book your event, you can be sure your guests will be awed by the impressive art!


Look at what we’ve designed – just imagine your favorite appetizer, dessert or other pre or post party bits & bites! What a show-stopper and memorable food delivery system!