5 Upcycling DIY Ideas For Event Decor

Creative how-to’s for adding that “special touch” to your event…

With all of the clever and unique upcycling DIY ideas out there on sites like Pinterest, it’s hard to justify tossing wine bottles and lightbulbs in the garbage to be shipped off to the landfill. We have put together our 5 favorite upcycling DIY ideas from sites like Pop Sugar and Seekyt.

Upcycling DIY idea #1: Wine Bottle Chandelier

Upcycling DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier
Planning an event with wine service and want to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time?  Ask your beverage specialist to save the bottles for you and create this great chandelier for your next rustic party.

What you’ll need:

empty wine bottles, sturdy chains, a rack, and some patience…
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Upcycling DIY idea #2: Book Page Garland

Upcycling DIY Book Page Garland
Do you have a handful of books lying around that you will never read again?  Here is a great way to turn them into an elegant garland with a personal touch!

What you’ll need:

twine, a used book such as a vintage journal or old sheets of music, scissors, and tape…
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Upcycling DIY idea #3: Dangling Lightbulb Flower Vase

Upcycling DIY Lightbulb Hanging Vases Did you finally get around to changing your incandescent lightbulbs to fluorescent to save energy and not sure what to do with your old bulbs?  Here is a creative way to keep your old lightbulbs out of the landfill and add a little something special to your event decor…
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Upcycling DIY idea #4: Mason Jar Candles 

Upcycling DIY Mason Jar Candle Holders
Unless you are an avid canner, you may not have an excess of mason jars to up-cycle but they sure do make great candle holders for a rustic touch to your spring event. Use them as simple candle holders or turn them into garden lights to decorate your walkway.

What you’ll need:

Mason Jar with lid rim, hammer and nail (for puncturing 2 holes on each side of the lid), chain or durable metal wire with hook ends, sand or pebbles, and tea-light candles…
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Upcycling DIY idea #5: Eye Catching Centerpieces 

Upcycling DIY Anthropology Center Piece
Looking for a unique and cost effective centerpiece for your spring event?  Here is an easy Anthropology inspired abstract bouquet that will add character to any table setting.

What you’ll need:

Fake flower stems, styrofoam balls, q-tips and food coloring…
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