Unique Catering Ideas From Wolfgang Puck

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Looking for unique catering ideas to mix things up and wow your guests? Linda Kingsley at Wolfgang Puck offers a unique twist for your next catered event.

Unique Catering Ideas: Who Says You Have to Sit Down for Dinner?

We have all been to that event, you know the one where you are crammed in a room for passed hors d’oeuvres, barely able to get to the bar for a cocktail, then herded to the dining area to find your “pre-assigned” seat. Time to ditch that stuffy structured plated dinner program and modernize it. Events should be fun to plan, fun to attend and most of all, effortless and stress free for your guests.

At Wolfgang Puck Catering we aim each day to follow our mantra “WWWD” which means “What Would Wolfgang Do.” For the last 22 years, Wolfgang and our team have created the menu for the Oscars Governors Ball. A few years ago, Wolfgang decided to turn the event on its heels and changed it from a formal sit down to a menu filled with fun passed plates for Hollywood’s elite to enjoy. It was such a huge success we have been doing it each year since.

Since our fine dining roots have always inspired our unique approach to catering, passed small plates quickly became a signature style of service. We are inspired by our inventiveness and passion to give event guests a Restaurant quality experience and small plates made perfect sense. Passing small plates allows guests to effortlessly mingle during the entire event and eliminates much of the back and forth to food stations. Adding passed Small Plates to Chef Stations not only allows for much variety, it also satisfies your guests like a three course meal.

Unique Catering Ideas: What’s on the menu?

Below are some Wolfgang Puck signature passed small plates for you to consider the next time you are planning your event with us; 

Written by Linda Kingsley – Photos Courtesy of Wolfgang Puck