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It’s Engagement Season and here’s what’s trending on Rings – Personalized & Unique!

Kyla Katz designs luxury, custom engagement and wedding rings. Kyla believes getting to know her clients personally is essential to the creation of rings that are a true expression of their spirit and love. She meets with clients in her Roger’s Park studio, or near their home or work, and spends time listening to their stories and learning about their lives. What she learns directly feeds into the designs she creates.

Engagement rings catered to each individual!

For a couple that spends their holidays at a beloved seaside escape, a palette of stunning blue sapphires might combine with soft, wave-like lines to create a perfect ring.

For a bride who loves the mountains? Raw, natural diamonds that evoke a feeling of the earth could create a stunning piece.

Each ring is truly unique because it is inspired by the person it is meant for.

Kyla works with ethically sourced and recycled diamonds and gemstones, as well as recycled precious metals. She makes sure that every ring she designs is crafted to the highest standards of quality and is truly an heirloom to-be.

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