Vendor Partner Offer!

Victoria’s School of Etiquette

Victoria is hosting a special Bridal tutorial emphasizing Etiquette Essentials 4 Brides. This class is designed for an error-free wedding day!


The cost of the class is only $150 and will include a personal Brag Bag on-the-Go, filled with essential
items every woman needs whether at home or on the go! You can have a private tutorial or enroll your
entire bridal party to have even more fun! Imagine a $350 value for only $150!! It’s easy to enroll! To
reserve your spot, please Zelle $150 per enrollee, to 312-383-2052, and email your address to Lady
Victoria at to ensure you get your Brag Bag on the Go!

Lastly, the wonderful part of enrolling in the Etiquette Essentials 4 Brides class, is that you are able to
help another woman have a star-studded day as 15% will be donated to local Chicago charities assisting
women and teens in various crises.

A great combo – we can all use a little love!

Please RSVP to Lady Victoria at , and send payment of $150 per enrollee via Zelle at, 312-383-2052.

Please visit Victoria’s School of Etiquette at and access her bio in the attachment