Electric Boat Company – “ask about our promo pricing…”

Take a Moonlight Cruise from your booked event at Rockwell on the River!  Imagine ending your special event with a piloted boat cruise down the river back to the drop off points. We offer cruises on the Duffys, Donut boats, or Retro boats. Ask about our special pricing when you book your event at Rockwell on the River!

Chicago Electric Boat

Victoria’s School of Etiquette

Victoria is hosting a special Bridal tutorial emphasizing Etiquette Essentials 4 Brides. This class is designed for an error-free wedding day!


The cost of the class is only $150 and will include a personal Brag Bag on-the-Go, filled with essential
items every woman needs whether at home or on the go! You can have a private tutorial or enroll your
entire bridal party to have even more fun! Imagine a $350 value for only $150!! It’s easy to enroll! To
reserve your spot, please Zelle $150 per enrollee, to 312-383-2052, and email your address to Lady
Victoria at to ensure you get your Brag Bag on the Go!

Lastly, the wonderful part of enrolling in the Etiquette Essentials 4 Brides class, is that you are able to
help another woman have a star-studded day as 15% will be donated to local Chicago charities assisting
women and teens in various crises.

A great combo – we can all use a little love!

Please RSVP to Lady Victoria at , and send payment of $150 per enrollee via Zelle at, 312-383-2052.

Please visit Victoria’s School of Etiquette at and access her bio in the attachment