Budgeting Tips For Planning A Wedding In Chicago

This exciting and joyous process of planning a wedding can also be a stressful one. Where to start?

We are here to help you turn that “stress-ful” into “stress-free”.

First things first:  The Budget

If you are planning a wedding in Chicago, we have a few budget guidelines for you to use as a starting point. The following are the most important checklist items:

Venue Budget

$6,500 – $15,000. This is an average price range for an off premise style venue.

In other words, it is the venue rental cost only.

“Off-premise venue” is a term used for venues that require all food, beverage, rentals, and staff to arrive onsite the day of the event.

Some off-premise venues provide tables, chairs, security, parking, etc. in their venue pricing. When planning a wedding, this style of venue is ideal for those who want a truly customized event.

*The following pricing does not include tax and gratuity.



  • Cocktail reception: Starting at $90 per person
  • Dinner: Starting at $130/person and up



  • DJ: starting at $2,000
  • band: starting at $5,000


  • Starting at $3,800


  • Starting at $2,500
    (There is a wide price range for decor costs which is dependent on how lavish you envision your wedding to be.)

Next: Find a venue

Now that you have your guest list and your wedding budget planned out, the next step in planning your wedding is to find the perfect venue.

It is important to book your venue first before planning the rest of your wedding.

This is crucial because many event spaces in Chicago restrict their catering list to a select handful. If an event space has a short “exclusive catering list”, they might not allow your favorite caterer into their facility. Alternatively, venues with a short catering list might not have any caterers within your food budget or your ideal culinary choice (i.e. Indian cuisine, Kosher menu).

We at Venue Logic, LLC offer a wide variety of venues and a vendor list with over 50 different caterers!

To see our catalog of Chicago Event Venues visit https://venuelogicchicago.com/excellent-venues/

Finally: Planning the party

With your budget guide and your venue selected, you can now shop for your caterer, your favorite DJ or band, and all the odds and ends that turn your wedding into that special day.
Planning a Wedding budget tips
Here is an example for you to better understand your wedding budget breakdown:

Say you are planning a wedding for 200 guests.

You would like to host a sit-down plated-dinner style wedding from 6pm to midnight.

Catering: 200 guests x $130 and up = $26,000 and up
Beverage: 200 guests x $45 and up = $9,000 and up
Venue Cost: $6,500 and up

$26,000 + 9,000 + 6,500 = $41,500 for the Venue, Food, & Beverage only.

(Not including tax and gratuity.)