Planning a Corporate Party – From The Caterer’s Perspective

planning a corporate party - the eyes of the catererThere is a lot that goes into planning a corporate party, but what are the ingredients that truly make it a success?  We asked Jewell Events Catering to share their recipe for success when planning a corporate party.


Planning a Corporate Party

From The Caterer’s Perspective…

Guest Blogger: Tatiyana Baukovic

As a catering and events company, we do a lot of corporate parties! Corporate parties are a great way for companies to reward their employees for a job well done, celebrate successes, and interact in a less formal setting with clients. Here are our tips to ensure your corporate event is a success:


The venue is a key element to successfully planning a corporate party. If you’re looking for a light and lively atmosphere, you’ll want to find a venue that mimics that feeling. Since menus are not normally released before corporate parties, the venue will set the tone for your event before your guests even arrive!

Set A Budget And Stick To It:

Having a budget in mind when you start planning a corporate party helps keep your expectations in line and gives your caterer a better starting point when creating a menu.

What About The Food?

The sooner you can bring in a catering company to help in planning a corporate party, the better! There are so many small behind-the-scene details that many people don’t even think about. Is the caterer a preferred vendor for the venue? If not, will it cost me more to bring them in? What sort of capabilities does the caterer have? Will we need to bring in other vendors for things? One can argue that finding a caterer is the first thing you should do, even before deciding on a venue!

Get Creative And Choose A Theme:

Choosing a theme can offer a cohesive experience for your guests and will also play in nicely to your menu.  It could be something as simple as “Holiday Cheer” or as elaborate as “1920s vintage carnival”. The great thing about having an idea in mind for a theme is that your food will fall right into place. We, at Jewell, love the challenges and creativity that go into planning a menu around a party’s theme to bring it all together!

Parting thoughts…

Corporate parties, when executed with the assistance of trained and helpful staff, can truly be stress free and lots of fun for everyone! Having a solid caterer, planner, and venue in place will allow the event organizer to kick back, relax, and enjoy the day.


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