Just got Engaged! Now What!?

Top Ten Tips for What’s Next:

Congratulations!!! Pop that bubbly!!! What wonderful and exciting months you have ahead of you!

With so much information and creative ideas for themed weddings, let’s remember to take it easy and focus on the big-ticket items first.

Top Ten Tips:

1. Budget!

Your budget will be the determining factor for so many of your event details. It will also give you a much-needed reality check and get you on the right track for everything that comes with planning a wedding. Budgeting Tips are a sure-fire way to keep to it and not break the bank on your big day.

2. Determining a guest list… I love you, I love you not.

A good way to begin your guest list is to write down everyone you cannot picture having your big day without and work your way from there. Set a max guest count and start making cuts until you are comfortable with the number. Keep your friend Lucy from second grade on there but maybe cut out your co-worker who you only talk to when you need tech help.

3. Ceremony on site?

Deciding whether to have an onsite or offsite wedding ceremony? Try to make that decision as soon as possible as some venues charge an extra cost (we don’t J). The dates might not match the availability of the venue and the gap in between the ceremony and reception might be messy for your guests. Keep all those things in mind and try to decider sooner than later.

4. Finding the Perfect Venue                            

Perhaps you’ve attended a several weddings by now, or you’re the first in your group to get married. Whichever it is, what do you envision for your own Big Day? Is there a style that you particularly like? What did you not like? What are the different types of venues? This is the time to be choosy and creative all at once. Do some research and educate yourself on what works for you and your guests. Check out our web blog on Finding the Perfect Venue for the answer to some of these questions.

5. Venue Walk-Thru questions

Here are the topics that frequently come up during venue tours. Click on the link to learn What questions to ask on a venue walkthrough.

  • Availability
    • Rental Time
    • Guest Capacity
    • Do’s & Don’ts
    • Exclusive Vendor Lists

6. Hiring a Planner

Should you hire a planner? Everyone is different. Some couples enjoy the challenge of tackling wedding tasks and others some organizational help. The great thing about planners is that you can hire them for the entire length of wedding planning or partial planning (months, weeks or day of).

7. You’ve BOTH got a hot date (Best Day for a Wedding)

For many couples deciding on a date to hold their wedding is something very personal. They want to connect it to a sentimental landmark in their relationship or their lives. Walk in with a couple of special dates in mind and good range of months you would be open to exploring. We’re finding more and more couples choose a Friday evening or Sunday brunch Wedding.

8. Catering

Now that you have chosen the date AND you have a venue (bravo!), it brings you to the next step…catering! Foodie or not, this part is a SWEET part to plan. The first items to consider are what style of service you envision (i.e. plated, family style, buffet, etc.) and the cuisine such as American, Mexican, Indian or other. To finish the night off, you may want some dessert. From doughnut walls, to candy bars to a big white cake…. you can’t go wrong! Reach out to a few caterers for proposals and then go on 2-3 tastings to choose who you would like to cook up your meal. On your Big Day, you do in fact get to have your cake AND eat it too! Enjoy!

9. Décor

Alright, so it’s the Big Day and you’re in the perfect venue with your closest family members and best friends, enjoying great food and (hopefully not spilling on your bridal dress). Now what are you looking at? Are there flowers? Candles? Greenery? Romantic twinkle lights lighting up your partner’s super cute smile? Production companies can do it all. Have a blast scrolling through all the photos and fit a style that fits your personality and budget best!

10. Music

happy engaged couple

Band? DJ? DJs are a great option as they are more budget friendly and who better to sing Beyonce than Beyonce? On the other hand, the life and energy that comes with a live band is pretty unbeatable (pun intended). Have you ever thought about doing a quartet for your ceremony music and then transition to a DJ for the rest of the night? No matter what you choose, they can help you with the items within your dinner and dancing portion. The timing and order of blessings, speeches, first dances, and cake cutting, are all things your music (wo)man for the night will need to know.

Phew! Well done. You’ve made it through the list. Need a drink? We’ve got you covered! Check out our CraftBar Experience with Bar Calculator!

All in all, wedding planning can be a bit of a rollercoaster, but don’t forget to kiss the person next to ya…because well this is all kind of a big deal 😉 Enjoy the ride and let us know how we can help.