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The Engagement Season has started and our hearts are full to bursting with all the love we feel for all you recently engaged lovebirds out there! We can’t help it – this is what we do! We help create your dream Wedding! 

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Just got Engaged! Now What!?

Top Ten Tips for What’s Next: Congratulations!!! Pop that bubbly!!! What wonderful and exciting months you have ahead of you! With so much information and creative ideas for themed weddings, let’s remember to take it easy and focus on the big-ticket items first. Top Ten Tips: 1. Budget! Your budget will be the determining factor for so many of your

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Brunch is always a good idea: Are Brunch themed weddings??

What’s better than brunch on a Sunday afternoon? A Sunday Brunch themed wedding!!! by Annabel Jaramillo Just think of the possibilities! Combining the day that’s meant for love and worship into a day of love and union. Let’s look at the Pro’s that go into a Sunday brunch wedding… Venue Availability Some venues can book a year to two year in advance,

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