Do I need a wedding planner?

…or can I do it all on my own?

wedding planner holding brides dress

Yes, you can and MANY brides and grooms do!  But it cannot go unsaid that planning a wedding is not an easy process.  It is hard to know where to start, what the right questions are to ask, if you have taken care of all of the logistics or if you are getting the best “bang for your buck”.  We are so excited to feature Susan from Big City Bride as our guest blogger and wedding planner expert.  She will  share with you the perks of involving a planner and why taking the responsibility off of your shoulders will allow you to enjoy your BIG DAY!

Q: What services does a wedding planner offer?

Susan: A wedding planner is the “Go To” for EVERYTHING!  This means we are the hub of communication that turn ideas into action. We get to know each couple to learn how they want to celebrate their nuptials – at a historic building, on a beach, in a church, under a Chuppah, in VW van – whatever it is, we start with the big picture. We want to know your story.  How did you meet? What was the engagement like?  What do you love to do as a couple? It is important to learn about you as a couple to dream up creative ideas that fit your personalities.  We discuss the wedding vision, frame priorities, set a budget and then begin researching options and ideas for all wedding needs. We tailor each wedding to fit the couple perfectly.  Couples depend on us to handle all of the logistics.

Q: Why it is helpful to hire a wedding planner?

Susan: We are your wedding expert, stylist, financer, secretary, soundboard, and often a moderator.   We are your everyday support system throughout the process. We are armed with endless resources and tools. You would never consider building a home without a contractor.  It’s the same concept with a wedding planner. As planners, we know the intimate details of venues, vendors, group hotels, wedding day timing, tricks, tips, cool ideas, timeless traditions AND what to avoid.  There are countless wedding options available.  We are “in your corner” from the beginning helping you weigh every option so you can make educated decisions throughout the entire process.   We have our black belt in everything wedding– from design to dilemmas and we’re prepared to help you.  The success of a good wedding is hiring good people…we make it our mission to place you with good people that make sense for your wedding.  We also serve as the leader for all your vendors.  We communicate the plans and details to all the vendors, field their questions, confirm their contractual commitments and lead them throughout your wedding weekend so you can fully enjoy these special moments in time.

Q: What to expect if you hire one?

Susan:  We manage everything from the time you get your ring to the time you leave on your honeymoon. We handle all the logistics…we have the tools to make your vision a reality. We will define the look, style, mood and emotions you want to create.

You can expect us to:

  • Set a budget
  • Find the perfect ceremony and venue location(s)
  • Hire professional vendors
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Help you create a design you LOVE
  • Construct interactive ideas or surprises that will create an experience guests will never forget
  • Be the glue for all vendor communication
  • Organize transportation plans
  • Create a detailed wedding timeline that puts all your plans on paper and then successfully execute these plans
  • Solve any hurdles that may arise
  • Know your wedding inside and out so that you can be a bride/groom!

These duties are just a general overview… our level of involvement goes far beyond the tasks we have listed. We are at your service for whatever you need!

Q: Am I responsible for anything?

Susan: It is almost easier to tell you what the wedding planner typically does NOT handle.  This includes a few wedding responsibilities that really surround the couple, their family and closest friends.


Choosing bridal attire, bridesmaids gowns, tuxedos, etc. are a task typically for the couple. Usually a bride will have a few key family members or friends who are by her side for this big decision.


Creating the guest list and plotting the guest seating assignments typically only the bride, groom and their families know who to invite and who should sit together (and who should definitely NOT!)


Couples almost always create their gift registry…we certainly can provide helpful tips, but registering is a fun “rite of passage” for the newlyweds-to-be!


We typically leave the travel planning to the couple or we can suggest vendors who can plan a happy honeymoon.

If you are looking for a stress-free wedding experience,  hire a wedding planner and your special day will be a truly memorable occasion!