Wedding at the Skyline Loft

Skyline Loft Photo by Ann & Kam Photography

In September, Katie and Mike had a fantastic wedding at the Skyline Loft, assisted by the BAC team! Check out this write-up by Five Grain Events about the occasion and our part in it, and take a look at the photos taken by Ann & Kam Photography. Skyline Loft at Bridgeport Art Center Wedding – Katie and Mike

Best Day For a Wedding: Why a Friday or Sunday wedding is better!

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Finding The Perfect Chicago Venue: How VenueLogic Can Help!

perfect chicago venue rustic vs modern industrial

What makes a venue “perfect”? Chicago is scattered with thousands of event venues. How do you know which is the perfect Chicago venue for YOU? There are a few major factors to think about when searching for the perfect fit: 1. It works within your budget Budget should always be the first thing that you do when planning an event. … Read More