Budgeting Tips For Planning A Wedding In Chicago

This exciting and joyous process of planning a wedding can also be a stressful one. Where to start? We are here to help you turn that “stress-ful” into “stress-free”. First things first:  The Budget If you are planning a wedding in Chicago, we have a few budget guidelines for you to use as a starting point. The following are the … Read More

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding at Bridgeport Skyline Loft

In July, Rachel and Matt had a stunning wedding at the Skyline Loft, assisted by the BAC team. Check out this write-up by Five Grain Events about the occasion and our part in it, and take a look at the photos taken by Rebecca Marie Photography. Bridgeport Art Center Wedding–Rachel and Matt

A Big Jewish Wedding

By Yanni Design Studio Every bride and groom hold a picturesque image of what their dream wedding will look like.  From colorful floral arrangements to tasteful draperies, each wedding has their own creative style. When it comes to Jewish weddings, tradition is very important. These vibrant and meaningful traditions joyfully bring together, not just the bride and groom, but their … Read More

Upgrades at the Sculpture Garden Gallery

Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin Chandeliers  |  Heaters  |  Garden Enclosure / Archway Seal  |  Drapes  |  Artwork  |  Pergola  |  Topiary  |  Forklift Sculpture Garden Gallery Upgrades at the Sculpture Garden Gallery The Scupture Garden Gallery underwent a rennovation to enhance and extend the outdoor experience into the cooler months adding versatility to the space. With famed outdoor sculptures and … Read More