Brunch is always a good idea: Are Brunch themed weddings??

What’s better than brunch on a Sunday afternoon?

A Sunday Brunch themed wedding!!!

by Annabel Jaramillo 

Just think of the possibilities! Combining the day that’s meant for love and worship into a day of love and union. 
Let’s look at the Pro’s that go into a Sunday brunch wedding…

Venue Availability

Some venues can book a year to two year in advance, if you were a late starter or simply do not want to compromise the season you want to host your event, Sundays are the way to go! Sundays are usually last to go when it comes to event bookings so there might still be availability at your venue of choice for that fall wedding you were dreaming of.

Venue Discounts

Weddings are expensive, so it is safe to say price breaks are much appreciated, take advantage of them! Some venues will offer up to 50% discounted pricing on week days and Sundays when compared to peak days such as Saturdays. You can apply your savings on another aspect of your event or spend it on your honeymoon.


Sunday Brunch Stations

Who doesn’t love a Sunday Brunch? The food combinations are endless and pleasing to even the pickiest palettes. Not to mention, creating food stations that can be quirky, unique and fun. Brunch weddings are flexible in the sense that you don’t have to stick to the typical sit-down dinner option, you can do a more casual buffet or trendy passed bites. Incorporate your own personal touch to make it meaningful and special for you and your guests.

Specialty Drink Options

Someone once said it wasn’t acceptable to drink before noon. Whoever said that has never enjoyed a carefree Sunday brunch with friends and family! This is another aspect of your wedding that can be customized to your liking. Offer specialty drink options for your guests that coincide with the Sunday brunch theme. Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas, Irish Coffee or Bellini’s always do the trick. Click on the link for some delish recipes.


Dress it up or Dress it down

The mood is casual, fun and airy. Don’t worry about over the top centerpieces or draping. Keep it simple! Bud vases with greenery or bright floral is perfect for a wedding with chill vibe. For a more elegant affair, classic floral in blushes or whites would look perfect in the afternoon light.  


Chic and Outdoorsy

Having a Sunday Brunch themed wedding means you will take full advantage of the sunlight in whatever season you choose. If you are planning a wedding in the warm months, an outdoor option is a real possibility and can be a great idea for something different and fun. For Chicago’s best outdoor spaces check out this link by Choose Chicago.

Wedding Time Lines

Time lines are a cinch to keep in mind when it comes to how light traffic is on Sundays.  The day begins early but also ends early and gives your guests time to get ready for their work week, or you can give them an excuse for an extra day off!

Hit the dance floor!!

A brunch themed wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast on the dance floor. DJ’s and Bands will also have open availability on a Sunday, so you are more likely to get whomever you want! Book your favorite DJ or band and get ready for a great time!!!


“Let them eat cake” -Marie Antoinette

Options, options and more options.

Waffle cake? Elegant donut or macaroon cake? Donut wall or the trendy naked fruit cake. The option is yours, they are all scrumptious and would fit perfectly with your themed wedding. Sweet tooth’s’ will be fulfilled either way!

Last but not Least…….Enjoy!

The most important aspect of having a brunch inspired wedding is that you are free to be as original on your special day as you want to be. Highlighting both of your tastes and styles while keeping it fun and quirky. Have a blast with the planning because your guests are going to be talking about your special day for a very long time!