3 Elegant Ways to Use DIY Seasonal Decorations For Your Holiday Event

The trending “DIY” approach to decorating an event is a great way to add your personal touch to your party but if done incorrectly, it can sometimes compromise the feeling of sophistication at your gathering.  We asked Brent Derbecker of Endless Entertainment to share with us how he suggests Incorporating DIY seasonal decorations into your seasonal soiree:

DIY tree branch chandelier
Twinkling Tree Branch Chandeliers

Whether you are getting married or planning a corporate event, it’s hard to avoid the seasonal decor clichés (cue the holly berries and mistletoe). However, there is a better way. By taking nature’s lead from the outdoors and incorporating them into your indoor decor, you will have the best of both worlds: Your guests will feel the warmth of the season while you enjoy the elegance of your outdoor inspired event. From choosing the right color scheme to crafting DIY seasonal decorations, here are some of the best ways to keep your event classy and festive.

1. Select a Sophisticated Color Scheme

When you think about a seasonal event, you probably picture a plethora of red and green. Even when done with muted shades, like maroon and olive, this matchup is still a little tired. Instead, focus on bringing in the hues of the snow and ice. A simple white, silver and dark gray color scheme will look contemporary and chic while still being reminiscent of the winter season. If you want to add in a pop of color, turquoise, aubergine or ice blue can provide the perfect finishing touches.

2. Create DIY Seasonal Decorations

When it comes to your centerpieces and chandeliers, you are probably better off making your own. Why? Because you can keep them simple while staying true to your color scheme.

Chandeliers: Whether you are decorating a large ballroom or an outdoor shade structure, a chandelier can make a huge impact. An easy one that can add some sparkle to the space involves mirrors and clear string.

Hanging mirror chandelier


  • small 1 to 2 inch mirrors (round or square will work)
  • string or fishing line
  • a hot glue gun and
  • a hanging structure to attach them to such as a spray painted wooden rectangle or a wooden picture frame without the glass.

Process: Place a dot of glue on the back of a mirror, place the string on it and then line up another mirror on its backside. This way, the chandelier will look amazing from every angle. Continue on up the string, placing the mirrors as close or as far apart as you feel looks best.

Twinkling Tree Branch Chandelier

  1. Gather hardy tree branches
  2. Attach twine to their center and tie to secure location on ceiling
  3. Hang light-weight glass candle holders or wrap with twinkle lights


Less is always more when it comes to your centerpieces. You can take the simple and clean route and display an assortment of blue glass bottles or mason jars with twin and floating votive candles, or you can attempt this DIY hanging acorn centerpiece from Better Homes and Gardens.

blue bottles with flowersmason jars blue bottlesDIY Seasonal Decorations - tree branch Centerpiece with acorns

  1. Find a selection of empty branches capable of holding up a handful of hanging acorns. Of course, you will also need a bunch of acorns and a beautiful vase to place the branches in.
  2. Spray paint the acorns whatever color you like. Silver and turquoise can both make an impressive impact.
  3. Use a hot glue gun to attach the acorns to string and hang them from the twigs.

3. Choose Seasonal Floral Arrangements

It’s true that the selection of flowers isn’t near as vast in the colder months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create stunning displays to wow your guests. HGTV believes an easy way to do this is with a collection of white ranunculus paired with pine greenery. However, any white flowers you can find will suffice. You can even add in a few pine cones if you are going for the rustic “vibe”.simple sprayed twigs

Another seasonal DIY option that sticks to the basics is spray painted twigs. Nothing screams wintertime quite like empty trees, so you may as well use them to your advantage. Gather some twigs in a variety of thicknesses and lengths and spray paint them white and silver. Once they are dry, you simply put them in a vase, and you are good to go.

DIY seasonal decorations rule of thumb:

Use twigs and/or branches in one application.  Avoid branch & twig overload.  If you prefer the branch chandelier idea, keep your event clutter-free with simple jars and candles for the centerpiece. If you prefer the the branch and acorn centerpiece or spray painted twigs in place of flowers try the mirror chandeliers.

Just because you are planning your event when string lights, holly berries and wreaths are in season, doesn’t mean you have to incorporate them into your seasonal event decorations. By choosing a simple color scheme, creating your own elegant DIY seasonal decorations and sticking with the flowers that are in season, you can create a sophisticated space with plenty of good cheer.


About the author:

Brent Derbecker is a guest blogger for Endless Entertainment.  Along with his blogging talents he is the National Sales Manager of Skyspan Structures, a shade division of Superior Recreational Products headquartered in Carrollton, GA.  Using precision engineering, Skyspan Structures specializes in the design of umbrellas and shade structures for your comfort and protection.