Wedding Trends

Each year announces the new pantone colors as the next big trend to look out for in fashion, decor, and all things style. It is safe to say that we will see these colors trickle into events as well. In addition to this season’s colors, we asked a few industry specialists what 2016 wedding trends they are seeing. Here is what they had to say:

 Wedding Trends in 2016: FOOD

1. Chic Farm-To-Table meals

The farm-to-table concept is spreading like wildfire in restaurants and now it has reached catering & events. We asked Homestead Catering to share with us their views on customizing your event with a farm-to-table experience.homestead 1

Q. How can you customize your event while supporting local and providing your guests a true “Farm-to-Table” experience?

A. “Farm-to-table events are definitely chic but they also give you the ultimate control and ability to have a unique event. Our relationships with local farmers allows us to purchase produce and vegetables of highest quality taste & texture. Often the most simplistic approach yields the most memorable results. Seasonal presentations are just that… seasonal. Many of our couples develop a great personal relationship with our chef team as we define and tweak presentations based on our seasonal offerings. From the plateware to the tables, we can create a customized event that will be talked about for its creativity and uniqueness for years.”

Local proteins, dairy, and produce just taste better when it’s all grown within 100 miles of Chicago.

“Mike Werp hand delivers his certified organic microgreens, grown in Buckley Michigan, every week to us. Greens are kept in soil until ordered, and hand-harvested using scissors 24 hours before delivery. Werp Farm custom grows fresh baby vegetables, micro greens, salad greens, tomatoes, edible flowers, and herbs to Homestead year round.”

Homestead can even grow it for you!

Wedding Trends for 2016 - farm to table“We are pleased to offer vegetables and herbs for our farm-to-table events fresh from our own organic vegetable garden. Our on-site garden is about 3,000 square feet and we do 4 plantings per year. The on-site garden is cultivated and maintained by our chef team and it shows our dedication to our craft and to the farm-to-table movement.”


Wedding Trends in 2016: DECOR

We spoke with Bliss Weddings & Events, a chicago-based event planning company, to better understand what is trending with wedding decor in 2016.

2. “Tailor-made” and “customized” are the big buzzwords

Q. What wedding trends for 2016 are you seeing in regards to the planning, decor, and details of the bride and groom’s wedding?

trends 2016A. “We definitely strive to create timeless events for our clients, while taking cues from trends in the world around us. Craft cocktails and locally sourced products for catering have become more important to clients. We love working with caterers to create gorgeous, locally inspired menus and referencing family farms that are used as part of the menu design. We have an upcoming wedding where every course is sourced from a favorite state of the couple: a cheese course from California, salad ingredients from Michigan farms, meat and veggies from Wisconsin and dessert from a Missouri farm.”

3. Intimate details are “in”

customized table settingsBliss Weddings & Events says that “Decor and event design are also incredibly important to our clients. We work with them to develop every piece of the wedding: from the save-the-date and websites to the attire and day-of-papers.

“We’re seeing a trend in clients looking to make their wedding feel like an extension of a dinner party at their home  but on a larger scale. From individual home goods tasked as escort cards – such as monogrammed Mule cups – to small flower arrangements at each seat in place of a larger centerpiece – there’s definitely a trend in making it feel intimate, no matter how large the group.”

4. Variety and flexibility in color selection

2016 Wedding Trends “Color-wise, we are seeing more “color stories” and fewer “color combinations.” Think bridesmaids in several different colors and styles, varying bouquets and several different centerpieces, but all with the same color story.”


Wedding Trends in 2016: DESIGN

They say “you only have one chance to make a first impression”. Your invitations are your guest’s first impression of your special day. To help you translate your personal trend and this year’s trends, we asked Molly, owner of Maxe Designs

Q. “What Wedding trends for 2016 are showing up in invitation and stationery design?”

A. Molly: “When I think about what I’ve been designing so far in 2016 and what is yet to be designed in 2016 for my clients, I have to say that I am seeing a lot of inspiration in a variety of color palettes and a wide variety of art ideas.”

5. Colors that complement the seasons

Molly: “I find that weddings that happen in different times of the year seem to carry a similar color palette and the part I love is that each client I’m working with has a different style or theme we are bringing out in their one-of-a-kind Art Stationery Designs.”

Wedding Trends for 2016For the 2016 spring and summer weddings: “I am seeing bold colors of reds, black, and striking blues along with a softer color palette incorporating muted and metallic golds, silvers, rose quartz, greys, and creams with art ranging from romantic, elegant flourish and floral designs to beautiful wildflower art designs to abstract paintings.”

For fall weddings: “I’m seeing lots of fall color palettes including reds, yellows, oranges, with greens and purples with art ideas ranging from fall leaves to watercolor paintings of the landscape where the wedding will be held, to elegant monogram styled designs.”

Lastly for the current (early 2016) and winter weddings (to happen later this year): “I am seeing lots of purples, blues, silvers, and whites being incorporated with abstract paintings and sketches of beer hops to butterfly paintings. I’m excited to see the variety of color palettes that cross my easel and inspire so many new art ideas for each of my clients and their special event. I absolutely LOVE what I do and can’t wait to see what will be created next!”