10 Best Wedding Proposal Ideas

We have selected our top 10 favorite wedding proposal ideas for you to enjoy. We love hearing about how our clients asked for their significant other’s hand in marriage. The stories always reflect the couple’s personalities and it’s fun to learn just a little more about them. For the quiet types – a ride in the park is just right and for the entertaining couples – a song and dance might be fitting.

Here are our favorite wedding proposal ideas. Some made famous by YouTube and others shared with us by our very own clever clients.
baseball hidden ring

1. The Home Run Wedding Proposal

This guy hit it OUT OF THE PARK! Much better than the kiss-cam proposal we all know so well. Here is his story: “A year ago we brought home a puppy named Pippen that just loved to chew whatever she could get her paws on. After catching a foul ball at a White Sox game we came home to find Pippen ecstatic for something new that she could destroy. Morgan grew worrisome that Pippen would choke on the stitches and thread that the ball is assembled with. She hid the ball from Pippen and every time she found her new favorite treat she would try to chew away. I decided to take the ball and saw it almost in half, remove the stitching and form a jewelry box. Morgan was in for a surprise of a lifetime. She was under the impression we had dinner plans and as she was getting ready I grabbed the ball and Pippen and yelled for Morgan to come see what Pippen had done. Down on one knee I explained that Pippen had been very naughty and eaten the ball completely in half. As Morgan reached to see the damage I opened the ball to showcase a diamond ring that meant forever. Shortly thereafter we went down the street for a celebratory glass of champagne where a private room was filled with our families and closest friends to surprise Morgan on our special day.”

2. The Flash Mob Wedding Proposal

Flash mobs have become increasingly popular ever since the infamous “Sound Of Music” Grand Central Station flash mob event.  What better way to say “I LOVE YOU” than a choreographed dance by a bunch of strangers that seconds before were seemingly minding their own business.  This may seem like an impossible plan to pull off but it isn’t! To learn about how to set up one for your big proposal, visit http://www.theheartbandits.com/chicago-proposal-ideas/flash-mob-proposal-chicago.htm.

3. The Horse Drawn Carriage Wedding Proposal

This wedding proposal idea might not be for every girl. If you know she likes a little princess style romance in her life try this.   .

4. The High School Sweetheart Scavenger Hunt Wedding Proposal

treasure-hunt- wedding proposal ideas

The story starts with high school sweethearts. She wakes up to a note on the pillow next to her to get dressed and go out to the kitchen.  Coffee made, and eggs and bacon staying warm in the oven, she reads a note on the counter to make her way to the first destination. Each destination is a memory you two have shared. The hunt ends at the high school where you met with a sign on her old locker that says open me – ring inside. Okay so maybe this one is a rare story to copy, but a scavenger hunt is still a great idea.

5. The Ben & Jerry Wedding Proposal

A guilty pleasure turned marriage proposal. You can’t go wrong with a little ice cream.


6. Photobooth Wedding Proposal

She’s hinted at not liking a show or a scene? A photo booth is a great way to capture the moment, frame-by-frame, without a crowd. .

7. The Singing/Dancing Music Video Wedding Proposal

When we saw this one for the first time it melted our hearts AND made us tap our toes. You can’t go wrong with a serenade. This website is so great for planning proposals just like this one. http://www.theheartbandits.com/chicago-proposal-ideas/horse-carriage-proposal-chicago.html

8. “That View Ain’t Got Nothin’ On You, Babe” Wedding Proposal

At the top of the Statue Of Liberty/Eiffel Tower or really any great spot with an awe-inspiring view. It’s not ONLY romantic but you are both in front of something that takes your breath away and she’s the one that takes your breath away. It’s hard to say no to that proposal. .

9. The Lazy Sunday Wedding Proposal

making a crossword puzzle or rig the scrabble pieces so you can spell it out on the board: .

or play hangman and have the phrase be “marry me”
(this one we have to give credit to The Knot for their collection of amazing proposal ideas) http://wedding.theknot.com/getting-engaged/marriage-proposals/articles/50-romantic-ways-to-propose.aspx?MsdVisit=1


10. The Kitchen Sink Wedding Proposal

This one has a few of the others sprinkled in, such as a horse-drawn carriage and a beautiful destination/view, but we love this story from the bride (Voni) and had to share:

“Dave told me that we had a party to go to at O’Hare Airport.  (The food service was a client of his so it was very believable.) As we were walking in the terminal, he kept pointing out exotic places and saying “wouldn’t it be great to go there?” When we got to the London gate, he said “how about here?”  I said, “yeah, right!  Now let’s get to the party.” He steered me away from the gate and led me a short way and stopped me. He said, “no, really, let’s go to London tonight!” Even though I still didn’t believe him, I let him lead me back to the gate. And sure enough, he pulled out two tickets to London in first class. Of course, I was worried about not having any clothes, but as it turned out, he had packed and checked them before he came to pick me up at the party.

We thoroughly enjoyed the first class and were greeted on the other end by a chauffeur driving a Bentley. The driver took us to the Lanesborough Hotel where we had our own private butler who we could ring with a bell. Dave had our days and evenings planned with dinner at the Ivy and front row seats at Sunset Boulevard. Then we had our own private tour guide the next day who took us around London.  She took us everywhere; everywhere except Buckingham Palace which I thought was so strange. That night we dressed up in our finest and went to a French restaurant where I thought there seemed to be a private conversation going on between Dave and the wait staff, which is sometimes usual for him. After we finished dinner, a waiter told us our ride was here.

When we went outside, it wasn’t our Bentley that was waiting for us, but a horse-drawn carriage. Now for those that live in Chicago and New York, this may not have seemed extraordinary, but in London, only the royal family rides in a horse drawn carriage. And finally, I saw Buckingham Palace coming up and thought how I finally get to see it.  When I spotted a violinist in front of the palace, I switched my ring that I had on my left hand onto my right.  The carriage stopped in front of the palace right by the violinist.  As we pulled up, he started to play the theme song to “An Affair to Remember.” Dave then got on his knee in the carriage and said, “You’ve always said that I was your prince charming. Well, you are my princess and where would a prince ask for his princess’s hand except in front of the most beautiful palace in the world.” When I said yes, I gave him a huge hug and kiss which was accompanied by the local police putting on their red lights and cheering. Technically, you’re not supposed to stop in front of the palace like this, but the police let it go when they saw what was happening. We finished our trip in a daze and now we’ve been married almost 18 years and it seems like yesterday.”