CraftBar Experience | VenueLogic


Fresh squeezed juices, small batch liquors, unique garnishes, locally sourced ingredients, skilled bartenders, polished service.

VenueLogic is committed to making your event unforgettable and our beverage program is an essential part of that. Our customizable menus create unique options targeted specifically for your guests.

Whether it’s in one of Chicago’s top selling venues or a private residence, we’re here to serve you. We take pride in bringing the experience of a craft bar to your special event.

CraftBar Experience | VenueLogic

As leaders in the Venue Management industry, with over 100 years of combined experience, we have developed proven methods focusing on sustainable growth.

VenueLogic’s mission is to be the best in venue management beginning with consultation and design and delivering a turnkey operation. Our focus is on a seamless experience for our booked clients and their guests from the back of the house to the front. Our commitment to sustainable and green practices are evidenced throughout our projects while bringing a laser focus and passion to every job.

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