Inspired Company Events

Inspired Company Events

Sometimes, your surroundings can change everything. It’s the reason why we travel. Why we explore. When was the last time four white walls and a dry erase board really inspired you? The brilliance of Office Space aside, when have rows of cubicles inspired anybody? Food and hospitality work the same way. There’s a reason why the best restaurant experiences include not just great food, but also a large side of ambiance. Dining and entertaining are all about moments that indulge all your senses and leave guests with lasting, inspiring memories.

The same goes for hosting meetings and company celebrations—they’re a chance to inspire your team, reward your MVPs, or just say “thanks” to your partners and clients. At Food For Thought, we cover the inspired dining. We also complement inspiring spaces like Venue Logic’s newest event spaces, B25 and Baderbräu, with a level of service that will ensure your guests can feel immersed in the very best of the moment.

With the holidays less than two months away and company party dates getting nailed down, our kitchen got to thinking about a few inspiring themes and menu items we’ve recently featured to make corporate events memorable.

The Retreat – Cramming days into hours of intense planning, training, or ideating makes a great space and fun, delicious food a must. For corporate retreats, we match the colorful, creative atmosphere of Venue Logic’s lofty spaces with anything but sub sandwiches – offering up fresh and unique lunch options ranging from chicken banh-mi wraps and slow roasted pork shoulder sandwiches, to herb and mustard-rubbed salmon or citrus and toasted almond salads.

Holiday Celebrations – Affogatos or coffee desserts are a great way to add a little lift and vibrant flavor to your evening following dinner. They can be as simple as espresso, amaretto and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But we enjoy our scoop immersed in a mix of Baderbräu’s Red Velvet Bock and a shot of cold brew coffee with a crispy biscotti. Of course, with an affogato bar full of dessert drink additions, everyone can discover their favorite mix.

Client Appreciation – With the Loop and McCormick Place just minutes away, B25 and Baderbräu Brew Haus is a lively space to treat out-of-town guests and local clients alike following meetings and conferences. We complement the selection of craft brews with delicious fresh-made snacks like warm pretzels and brown mustard, spiced duck fat nuts, and popcorn seasoned with parmesan, truffle oil, white cheddar, or fresh caramel. Cheers!

With choices like these and more, there’s a lot to think about when planning your corporate event, but menu and space are two of the most engaging places to start. Fortunately, the right event partners can help you think of everything else along the way!