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What people are saying about Venue Logic

“Your staff was great! There were so many compliments on the space, people loved it!”

I wanted to send you a brief note to thank each of you for the fabulous service you provide during the Terrell Wedding at the Bridgeport Art Center! Our clients were very satisfied! The event was fabulous because of you and your awesome and very professional staff. It is my intent to work with each of you again in the very near future! Imagine That!

Cassy, Event Planner at Imagine That by Cassy

Bridgeport was a phenomenal venue to have my wedding – I couldn’t have designed something better if I had the opportunity to build it myself! I absolutely loved it. The day we left for our honeymoon, a waitress at the airport asked if we’d just gotten married. She had just gotten engaged and was looking for venues so I excitedly told her all about you and BAC. I wish you only the best and will happily provide referrals whenever possible! The space is just gorgeous and really brought all our ideas to light. Thank you for being so much fun and helping so much every step of the way.


We cannot thank you enough for your part in making our day so special. You made things easy for us and we appreciate how you treated us with such personal care and kindness. Thank you for your help and for providing a beautiful venue for our beautiful day.

Meet the Team

Want to enhance your space to house events?

Venue Logic offers consulting services to assist in the build out of redesign of your event space. Members of our management team will consult with you to custom design your space and turn it into an exciting and profitable venue.

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